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BPA-Free Silicone Dog Finger Brush


Say goodbye to Bad Dog Breath and elevate your pet's dental health with our BPA-Free Silicone Dog Finger Brush! We're committed to helping your furry friend live a long, fulfilling life, and achieving that starts with excellent dental care.

Our BPA-Free Silicone Dog Finger Brush is designed to perfectly complement our all-natural Dog Toothpaste. This human-grade silicone finger brush offers a gentle yet effective way to remove plaque and combat Bad Dog Breath, ensuring your pet's mouth stays fresh and healthy.

Pair it with our specially formulated Dog Toothpaste for a comprehensive oral care regimen that not only tackles Bad Dog Breath but also promotes overall dental well-being.

Invest in your pet's oral health today—because a fresh, clean mouth is the hallmark of a happy and healthy pet!

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