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Puppy Lifestyle

The Perfect Gift: The Ultimate Lifestyle Pack for Your New Pup by Shy Tiger

New puppy parents, rejoice! Whether you're welcoming a new furry family member or looking for the perfect gift for a new puppy parent, our Ultimate Lifestyle Pack for New Pups is the ideal choice. Designed for those who want nothing but the best for their brand-new addition, this comprehensive kit supports your puppy's physical and emotional well-being from day one.

Dog Toothpaste

What's Inside?

Recommended Usage

  • Emotional Support: Use our Soothe + Calm Puppy Spray to mist the car or crate before picking up your new pup. You can even spray it on your hands or clothing. Continue to use the spray at night, before visitors arrive, or prior to vet visits to help your pup stay calm and settled.

    Natural Dog Shampoo

    Skin and Coat Care: Our Soothe + Skin Shampoo is formulated using the latest plant science, offering a natural yet effective way to clean and nourish your pup's skin and coat.

  • Dental Health: Start your pup on a healthy dental regimen early on. Aim to brush their teeth 1-2 times per week, complemented by daily chewing sessions of around 20 minutes.

Invest in your new pup's well-being today with our Ultimate Lifestyle Pack, because a healthy start is the foundation for a happy, long life!

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