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Soothe + Calm Move for Dogs

Introducing Soothe + Calm Move: Your Natural Solution for Joint and Muscle Relief

Designed to alleviate sore joints, arthritis, and stiffness, Soothe + Calm Move is the natural remedy you've been searching for. Whether your dog is aging, prone to joint issues, or recovering from a vigorous run, this serum is your go-to for immediate relief. It's also used in our Animal Biomechanic Veterinary practice, complementing treatments like acupuncture and massage.

What's Inside?

Our serum is a potent blend of natural oils like Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and essential oils including Tasmanian Lavender, Copaiba, and Frankincense, among others.

How to Use It

Dosage: 1 – 4 pumps
Frequency: 1 – 4 times daily

Apply the serum directly to your dog's coat or your hands and massage in. You can also apply it to pet accessories or bedding. Start with 1 pump per day and gradually increase the dosage and frequency as needed. Always monitor for signs of sensitivity such as excessive drooling, redness, or itchiness.

Is It Safe?

Yes, it's incredibly safe! Copaiba essential oil is the hero of our blend, traditionally used since the 16th century for its supportive role in body care. Modern research also supports its extraordinary effects.

Complement Your Soothe + Calm Move

To further enhance your pet's well-being, we recommend complementing your Soothe + Calm Move with Soothe + Calm Gut Health and Soothe + Skin Protect.

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