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Vet Training On Dog Anatomy

Melbourne Veterinarian Dr. Nicole Rous offers invaluable, free training on understanding your dog's general anatomy. In her informative video, you'll delve into the key aspects of canine anatomy, empowering you to better comprehend potential health issues and communicate more effectively with your veterinarian for accurate diagnoses.

This educational content is part of Shy Tiger's comprehensive First Aid training series, which also includes other insightful videos under their Vet Advice section. These videos offer a wealth of training on various pet care products, aiming to enhance your knowledge and skills in pet first aid and general well-being.

Your feedback is highly valued; please feel free to share your thoughts on this training video. If there's anything else you'd like to know, Shy Tiger encourages you to get in contact with them.

Shy Tiger 1st Aid Kit

To complement your First Aid training, Shy Tiger offers a specially curated First Aid Kit for dogs. This all-natural kit not only includes essential first aid items but also features educational cards with links to videos and support on what to do in an emergency. The kit is designed to assist you in the application of their products and provide guidance on the general well-being of your pets.

Shy Tiger Balm


Additionally, you might find products like Soothe + Skin Balm for Dogs and Soothe + Calm Move for Dogs to be perfect accompaniments to your First Aid kit, offering targeted solutions for specific issues.

By combining Dr. Nicole Rous's expert training with Shy Tiger's range of First Aid products, you're well-equipped to take proactive steps in ensuring your pet's health and well-being.


Shy Tiger Dog Toothpaste, Toothbrush and Fingerbrush
Soothe + Clean Dog Toothpaste


Shy Tiger's Dental Care range, curated by Vet Dr. Nicole Rous, offers holistic and safe solutions for your dog's oral health. Essential oils are carefully selected to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Vet inspects the gums of a small dog.
Importance of Gum Colour In A Sick Dog


Vet Dr. Nicole Rous explains the significance of assessing your dog's gum colour as a critical health indicator, covering hydration, organ function, and overall well-being.
Vet assessing a Border Collie with limp
How To Assess A Dog Limp


Dr. Nicole Rous provides essential guidance on how to assess a limping dog, covering basic canine anatomy and key indicators to look for in this common but often perplexing issue.
Chocolate Toxicity Calculator for Dogs