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Dangerous Materials to Look Out For in Pet Toys

Dog with toy in mouth

The Importance of Choosing Safe Pet Toys

The Risks of Harmful Materials in Pet Toys

Dog with Toy in mouth

Pet toys provide enrichment and comfort to pets while entertaining their owners. However, pet owners must be cautious when choosing toys for their pets, as pets often chew on them. In Australia, pet toys are not strictly regulated, and they can be made from any materials chosen by the manufacturer. This can be dangerous if the toy is made of potentially harmful materials, as it increases the risk of our pets ingesting or inhaling harmful substances.


Chemicals to Avoid in Pet Toys

Toys made with PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead, melamine, arsenic, bromine, and formaldehyde should be avoided as they can harm pets' organs, disrupt hormones, and cause respiratory and digestive issues. I advise pet owners to be cautious of toys made with these substances and educate themselves on the chemicals they need to avoid when considering pet toys.

Choking Hazards and Intestinal Obstructions

Puppy with chew toy

Choking hazards and intestinal obstructions are also significant concerns with pet toys. Pet owners should regularly inspect toys for loose parts and report any issues to the manufacturer.

Rawhide Chews and Harmful Chemicals

Pet owners to avoid rawhide chews as they are often treated with harmful chemicals such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and arsenic during processing. Synthetic flavorings and glue are also commonly used, leaving residual chemicals that can harm pets.

Choosing Safe Pet Toys

In summary, it is crucial for pet owners to be mindful of the materials used in pet toys and choose toys made in Australia, where it is easier to ask questions about the manufacturing process. Additionally, pet owners should inspect toys regularly for loose parts and avoid any toys with a chemical smell. By following these guidelines, pet owners can ensure the safety and well-being of their beloved pets.

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For Further Information

I talked with Tracey Cheung of Safewise about the dangers surrounding pet toys. 

Check out the full article here. 

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