We are passionate about having a positive impact on the environment and using the best practices available.


So much effort has gone into our bottles and packaging. Our bottles are made from high quality amber glass. They are 100% recyclable and reusable and we will be stocking refill pouches in the near future. The spray and serum tops are challenging to recycle in Australia; however, we’ve found the best solution currently available. To avoid adding to landfill we recommend signing up to and you can recycle the tops (as well as many other things currently being added to landfill!). 


Our packaging is 100% recyclable. We send our dog products online in cardboard shippers and use paper packaging only including 100% recyclable paper tape. Absolutely no plastic involved – even our shipping labels are compostable.

Our beautiful thank you cards are handcrafted in Australia from plantable, seeded paper with Australian natives. A small way to give back. Plant the paper under small amount of soil. Keep moist. Grow blooms. Feed our bees.

Our information and instruction leaflets are printed on 100% recycled paper.

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