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Shy Tiger Dog Toothpaste, Toothbrush and Fingerbrush

Soothe + Clean Dog Toothpaste

Shy Tiger's Dental Care range, curated by Vet Dr. Nicole Rous, offers holistic and safe solutions for your dog's oral health. Essential oils are carefully selected to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Vet handling a small dogs leg.

Vet Training On Dog Anatomy

Melbourne Veterinarian Dr. Nicole Rous offers free training on understanding your dog's general anatomy, aiming to improve communication with your vet and better diagnose issues with your pet.
Vet inspects the gums of a small dog.

Importance of Gum Colour In A Sick Dog

Vet Dr. Nicole Rous explains the significance of assessing your dog's gum colour as a critical health indicator, covering hydration, organ function, and overall well-being.
Chocolate Toxicity Calculator for Dogs