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Dog Dental Challenge Week 6


Recap of the 6-Week Dental Challenge with Detailed Week 6

Throughout the 6-Week Dental Challenge, Dr. Nicole has shared valuable information and tips to help pet owners improve their dogs' dental health. Here is a summary of the topics covered each week, with a more detailed description of Week 6:

  1. Week 1: Introduction and Assessment – Dr. Nicole introduced the dental challenge and guided viewers on how to assess their dog's dental health using the 4-grade system.

  2. Week 2: Taking Photos and Dental Charting – Participants learned the importance of taking clear photos of their dogs' teeth and how to create a dental chart to track their progress.

  3. Week 3: Choosing the Right Tools and Products – Dr. Nicole shared advice on selecting the best tools and products for maintaining your dog's dental health, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental chews.

  4. Week 4: Fear-Free Brushing Techniques – The focus was on establishing fear-free brushing techniques to make teeth brushing a positive experience for both the pet and the owner.

  5. Week 5: Habit Stacking for Dog Dental Care – Dr. Nicole introduced the concept of habit stacking, a technique for incorporating teeth brushing into daily routines to ensure consistency and long-term commitment.

  6. Week 6: Review, Progress Monitoring, and Future Planning – In the final week, participants were encouraged to retake photos of their dogs' teeth to monitor progress and assess the effectiveness of their dental prevention strategies. Dr. Nicole discussed how to identify subtle improvements in gingivitis and plaque or tartar reduction. She emphasized the importance of monitoring progress relative to the amount of brushing and the initial dental health grade. Additionally, she advised setting a reminder for taking photos every three months, to help track progress and assist the vet in evaluating the dental prevention strategy. Finally, she congratulated participants on their commitment to improving their dogs' dental health and encouraged them to continue maintaining their dental prevention routines for the long term.

Click here for a refresher on Week 5. 

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