Any time we introduce something new, whether it be a new dog food, treat, supplement, shampoo or lotion we need to approach it in a similar way.

Follow these simple steps for success:

Step 1: patch test or offer a small amount

1 drop or 1 tsp depending on the size of the dog is an appropriate start. If a supplement, offer a pinch (you may need to open a capsule or cut a portion of a tablet if appropriate). Over the next 24hrs watch for any adverse reactions. In the case of topical (skin/coat) watch for redness, swelling or itching. In the case of a treat or supplement watch for drooling, vomiting, diarrhoea or lethargy. Although all of these are uncommon, as dogs communicate differently to us, we’re always better to err on the conservative side and monitor for behavioural signs.

Step 2 for topical (skin)

Introduce slowly. Dogs are considered to have up to 40 times more powerful sense of smell than us. Our products have been designed for dogs so, although they might not have a powerful aroma to our noses, they’re more than enough for dogs so you don’t want to overwhelm them by introducing too quickly. Try 1 pump or spray once daily for a few days. Just in your hands and then ‘offer’ it to them from around 30cm away. Don’t be alarmed if they’re not interested, it’s new. If they don’t like the offering then try putting it on our scarf or braid and leaving it in their bed. As they get used to it slowly increase the frequency and amount until you see an effect. Most dogs will be two sprays/pumps twice daily however, it’s not like antibiotics where the dose is precise, you can tailor this to your dog up to 4 sprays or pumps 4 times daily, however, work up to this over a few weeks if you feel your dog needs significant emotional support.

You’re always welcome to email us if you need further guidance using our products.

Other topical products such as shampoos and moisturisers are designed to be used as per the label instructions following a patch test, however, like humans, it is still possible to develop a sensitivity so continue to monitor.

Step 2 for food or supplements

  • In the case of dog food or supplements we recommend introducing over a two week period.
  • After your test 24hr period repeat a second small amount and monitor. For supplements and new treats increase the amount so you’re giving approximately half the lowest recommended dose. From this point with supplements or treats you can then commence their labelled directions.

For a new food we recommend the following:

  • Day 1 – 3, 25% new dog food, 75% old dog food
  • Day 4 – 7, 50% new dog food, 50% old dog food
  • Day 8 – 1 1, 75% new dog food, 25% old dog food
  • Day 12 – 14, move to 100% new dog food.

Visit our Frequently asked questions page for further information.

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