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Back to Work

So many pups have LOVED the last couple of years (a lot more than their owners!) and they’re now used to us being around ALL of the time. As we head back to the office, the stress levels for some dogs being separated from their owners are really challenging. Separation stress is very common in dogs. 

Our Back To Work bundle combines our most popular product from our Soothe + Calm stress range - the 100mL Day spray, alongside 5mL samplers of the rest of our range. We have also included an instructional card to keep on the fridge giving pet owners a clear routine to help minimise stress around going back to work.

100mL Soothe + Calm Day Spray

5mL Soothe + Calm Day Serum

5mL Soothe + Calm Night Spray

5mL Soothe + Calm Night Serum

Instructional postcard

For details on ingredient lists please see individual product pages 


See individual product pages for detailed description of features.


For animal treatment only.

Dosage: 1 – 4 sprays or drops

Frequency: 1 – 4 times daily

Shake well before use (spray formulation only). Spray or pump directly on to your hands or dog and massage into coat. You can apply anywhere on your dog’s coat, or specifically drip along the backline or gently massage in to their tummy if preferred. Alternatively, apply directly to pet accessories (dog scarf or dog braid) or even their bedding, however excessive application on material may result in staining if using the serum. Introduce slowly with 1 spray, once per day and increase number of sprays or pumps and frequency to desired effect. Monitor for signs of sensitivity such as excess drooling, redness or itchiness. Do not spray directly towards dog’s face or on to broken skin. Particularly for the serum formulation, ensure product is absorbed before your dog is allowed to jump on to any beautiful lounges, beds or soft furnishings!


See individual product pages for complete and transparent ingredient lists.